Spell Vixen

Vixen Spells is an online ritual by priestess Alice that aims to help people attract money and wealth into their lives via ritualistic white magic. Priestess Alice uses ritualistic white magic to assist you in attracting money and riches into your life. To have a spell cast for you, contact the official website of Vixen Spell.



You may invite substantial prosperity into your life if you have the wealth spell cast for yourself. Through Vixen Spell’s official website, you may hire priestess Alice to perform this spell. If the witch sees an occult vision while performing the ceremony, you’ll receive a written and video recording of the reading.

Alice, the Priestess, completes all magic rituals within 24 to 48 hours of receiving payment. Each ritual performed by Alice is imbued with mystical significance. You receive an email reading of the ceremony following a ritual. The entire event may be seen in action thanks to the recording.