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What is a Fairy and are They Real?

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Fairies, like angels are inter-dimensional beings who dwell in a space between realities. They reside in the etheric (and sometimes astral) energies of the Earth and nature.

Fairies are genuine spiritual beings just as the way Angels are real spiritual beings who live at various levels of vibration, have different responsibilities, and diverse amounts of awareness.

There are several various types of nature spirits and elemental beings that live in nature and work for the Earth. The major distinction between fairies and angels is that angels are considerably closer to the Earth plane than fairies.

Angels differ from faeries in a number of important ways. First and foremost, angels are spiritual beings who exist to carry out God’s plan. Fairies on the other hand, are more concerned with entertaining people rather than carrying out their own agendas.

Why Do More Fairies Not Appear…

There was a time in human history when the majority of people were more sensitive to the Earth’s etheric energies and could see and engage with the faerie realms on a daily basis. This is why there is so much Faerie lore, which appears to come from a variety of different vultures and cultures, that is strikingly similar.

Today, humans are more logical in their approach to the spiritual realms and we are less open to perceive them from a mundane state of consciousness. However, fairies, elementals, and nature spirits continue to exist and perform vital functions in the way the Earth thrives.

The fairy realms are becoming accessible and perceptable again today, as humans individually and collectively attain a higher degree of intellectual clairvoyance.

What Are Fairies Like? What Do They Look Like?

There are numerous sorts of spiritual beings that dwell on the physical and astral planes of Earth. The four primary kinds of elemental creatures are:

  • The gnomes are earth derived, linked to the element of the planet.
  • Water element is linked with Undines.
  • Sylphs are air element spirits.
  • The fire-born salamanders, or Pyraustas (salamanders), are said to be associated with the Fire element.

Many of the mythical or legendary creatures who we’ve come across were, in fact, these elemental beings. Leprechaun, dwarves, and mountain elves are generally used to describe Gnomes, or the earth elementals.

Undines, water sprites or water spirits, are the nymphs and nixes of fairy lore who entice men with a single glance. Undines are natural spirits who do not neatly fall into one of the categories of elemental creatures.

Faeries such as flower faeries, tree elves, and nature sprites aid the plant and animal kingdoms in many ways.

So what exactly do they look like?

Fairies are nonphysical beings and the way they appear to you may not be accurate.

A fairy can take many forms and appear in a variety of ways. Some are seen as having blonde hair and blue eyes, and resemble Tinkerbelle, while others have wings like dragonflies, butterfly or dragonfly-like features, and still others just seem to shimmers or sparkles or light, or even appear as blobs of grey.

Another thing to bear in mind is that when fairies encounter you, they will assess you based on your energy signature and how you treat nature, and they will then respond. If your energy is in line with love, you’ll most likely only encounter light fairies, who will be kind, encouraging, and loving.

Devious faeries

Fairies are often regarded as tricksters, and there are a number of stories about fairy babies being stolen and causing a variety of havoc during high-energy dates when the boundaries between realms were thinned.

Fairies are free to choose.

This implies that some fairies are aligned with the light in order to serve God, while others are aligned with the dark in order to serve themselves. Fairies, regardless of their polarity, have a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship with the planet.

Fairies mentor, advise, and guide plants, animals, and minerals in a way that is comparable to how our guides and angels help us. Fairies may choose to provide guidance, assistance, and energetically materialize for humans who are connected to nature and on a path of love.

All of the fairies I’ve ever encountered are devoted to assisting the planet and serving the plant and animal kingdoms. Some fairies (polarized to the dark) may deceive and mislead people who are damaging nature. Fairies that serve the light adore assisting humans, especially those who protect mother nature. They remind us of how important it is to.

What exactly is fairy dust?

The energy signature of the fairies is ‘fairy dust,’ which may be felt when the fairies arrive and depart in the most beautiful manner. One of my favorite aspects about fairies is that they recall to us the magic inherent in all existence, especially nature.

Do you want to communicate with and interact with real fairies?

If you want to contact the fairies, the most straightforward approach is to connect your energy with nature, because fairies are essentially nature spirits and closely connected to the Earth energy.

By adhering to these values, you may form an alliance with the fairies by assisting nature, emitting love and happiness, and joining and serving the trees, water, and Earth.

Fairies are linked to magic and intuition energies as well. Fairies, like humans, are progressing upward, and they respect those who consciously follow a path of spiritual development, love, and ascension.

I’ve seen a variety of fairies appear in gardens, nature, by the Oceanside, and near streams lately, as the lines between worlds are swiftly blurring.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that your energy has a big role in what you’ll attract when interacting with the fairies. If you’re afraid or doubtful… Instead of calling upon fairies, pray to angels, as angels completely vibrate with love and light and have no effect on your energy level if you call upon them instead of fairies.

The fae, otherwise known as the fairies, offer great pleasure, knowledge, healing, and magic if you are in a vibration of love and desire to serve and help nature.

Fairies of the light will urge you to have fun, dance, sing, and enjoy. They also have a comprehensive grasp of all earth-related concerns, including security, stability, home, family, money, gardening, and animal care. If you are prepared to do your part in preserving nature in any one or more of these fields, fair

Keep in mind that if you’re inconsiderate of animals and nature, the fairies may judge you and then maliciously put tasks, traps, or obstructions in your way. People who have inadvertently and unintentionally attracted dark elementals’ challenging lessons have benefited from my assistance.

Most fairies, however, want to assist you if you are dedicated to walking a path of love, and the fairies you attract will likewise be committed.

In the end, fairies’ primary goal is to serve and assist nature. They exist to serve and help nature, and they want for nothing more than to collaborate with humanity in order to restore Mother Nature’s glory.

Once again, the Realm of the Fae is available and eager to collaborate with us in order to serve nature and construct a lovely reality together in a peaceful and conscious manner.

Final words

If you found this comprehensive overview of what are faerie helpful consider sharing it without someone it could help. I appreciate you being here and hope you walk in light and nature.

By Alisha Taylor

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