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12 Specific Ways the Universe Communicates with You

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Do you often feel like the Universe is speaking to you, even though it’s only your intuition? Do you notice coincidences that are too impossible to be mere coincidence?

If this sounds like something that happens to you, then read on! There are many ways in which the Universe can communicate with us. Ways we aren’t always aware of. Ways that might seem strange or unusual at first glance. And all these signs mean one thing, you’re in tune with the universe.

The universe is communicating with you

The universe is attempting to communicate with us. It’s attempting to pique our interest. It’s striving to connect with us and wake us up. There are a lot of signals out there, but are we paying attention? Are we listening? And do we have a clue what to look for in the first place?

How many times have you wished for a sign or indication as to where your life should take you? How many times have you sought an answer but had no idea how to receive it? What percentage of the time do you feel isolated and unaided in the world?

When you are attuned to how the cosmos is speaking with you, your life becomes a lot less perplexing, and you start to feel a lot more aligned and connected.

However, because we live in a physical world we face physical restrictions. Since Spirit can’t physically tap you on the shoulder and say “yes, I think you should take that job,” we must be more sensitive to the more subtle and creative ways it communicates with us.

The secret is to slow down and be as present as possible so that you can tune into whatever sign appears in your life.

You’re never going to realize when an angel is trying to get your attention if you’re in your head worrying, overthinking, over-analyzing, rushing and being busy, judging and being angry. You must be present, open, and ready to receive answers.

Experiencing Miracles in Your Own Life

Every sign that I get is a miracle to me, since it’s a direct connection with the source. When I see a sign, I know that the source, god, the universe is communicating with me, instructing me and I am surrounded by pure Love. This is truly an incredible experience.

The truth is, however, that these marvels aren’t as they appear in the movies or how you would expect. There are no angels falling from the sky (at least not physically and literally), and there isn’t a face in the sky whispering to you and providing direction.

The influences are less ethereal and have been integrated into people’s daily routines. The indications are subtle, indirect, and can be quite mild and quiet at times, yet they may also be rather loud and obvious.

The universe is made up of individuals connected to one another through universal thought, and this contact is what makes it possible for us to interact with everything. This contact, which occurs all around us at every moment, ties everything together.

You may get a sign in the shower, while washing the dishes, arguing with your spouse, or getting caught in traffic. The moment does not have to be glamorous for there to be a sign; however, seeing a sign during these unglamorous times will undoubtedly make the experience more attractive.

It’s also important to understand that each sign that comes your way has a unique message tailored to you and your unique situation, and you notice them at the precise moment when they’re meant for you.

Signs are not a “one-size-fits-all” solution, therefore you must interpret them intuitively and from a more conscious standpoint. It’s critical to get your ego and anxieties out of the way and let your intuition lead you.

Let’s look at some of the ways in which Universal Spirits communicate with us

Be it a weird synchronicity through dreams and symbolism, direct messages from spirit guides or other ascended beings. Your intuition, gut feelings, a hunch or simply “knowing” in your heart space through visions and clairvoyance there are quite a few ways the universe talks to you.

1. Numbers

These figures, letters, and patterns can all have hidden meanings when viewed in sequence. They could be a sign that something is wrong or they might simply be a coincidence. License plates are an example of a numerical pattern that may reveal various things about you. The same number or pattern of numbers, such as an address or phone number can have a specific meaning.

For example, if you see repeating numbers like 1111, 33, 444, 5555 , etc., these are all indicators that you’re on the correct road. Each number sequence might have a different significance if you look at numerology’s meaning of the digits.

You may also spot strange numbers that have personal meaning for you, such as your favorite number, lucky number, or birthday. I usually see 6:22 on the clock because my birthday is June 22st, and I always see double numbers likes 10:10 or 11:11 when I’m on the right path.

2.  Synchronicity

A synchrony is a sequence of events that appear to be coincidental, serendipitous, and related but are not connected.

For example, you always seem to be short change to pay for something, but the amount of change you’re short is always the same exact amount every time. Maybe that cup of coffee you bought you could have paid in cash if you had three more cents. Then you go to purchase something else and again you’re 3 cents short.

Synchronicities are one of the most effective methods through which the world communicates with you as you become more conscious. And, while it’s not necessary to delve too deeply into the synchronicity, it is a matter of recognizing that there is something much going on behind the scenes; something much more significant than we could ever comprehend

Synchronicities are a clear indication that you’re on the correct track, and they’re a sign of a direct link to your spirit guides.

3. Dreams

Our dreams may be a source of messages, guidance, and answers. Did you have a dream that felt quite genuine? Who did you meet? What did they say to you? What occurred as a result of it? How did you feel about it? What insights did you gain as a result of it?

Do you still have the same dreams over and over? What are they about? Is it the same person that you see all of the time, visiting the same places, having similar experiences? Check out what “the meaning of dreams” has to say.

Do you still have recurring dreams? What are they about, in your opinion? Perhaps it’s a more serious worry that requires healing.

Do you frequently dream about a certain period in your life or being with particular individuals from your past? What does this signify for you? Is there an unresolved problem that must be addressed?

4. Through people in your life

People are the vehicles through which the Universal Spirit arrives to us. I don’t know how it works, but the universe seems to utilize people as messengers in order to convey certain information.

This may be accomplished through chance meetings with anybody who might say something or do anything that ignites an interest, inspiration, or awareness in you.

Not everything that you hear is a signal, but it IS a sign when you are looking for an answer and someone just tells you something that relates to your question. You’ll sense intuitively that this is way too random not to be a sign from the universe. The next step is to act on it.

For example, if you’re thinking about keeping or quitting your present job where you’ve been offered a raise and are nervous and freaked out because you have to make a decision in a few days, and then out of nowhere one of your coworkers sends you a text message saying, “I hate this job. They only care about making sure management looks good.” You’ll know how best to proceed forward.

Another example could perhaps be how someone around you is doing something you know you should do to

You know in your heart that you should stop drinking alcohol and live a healthier lifestyle. One day, you pay a visit to your best friend, who tells you he has just given up drinking. Your brother and his wife are going to start the “no drinking” challenge tomorrow. He’s telling you how wonderful it is not to drink for a whole week.

5. Everything in your life is flowing and aligning one with the other.

This is the polar opposite of everything coming apart. You’re feeling inspired, powerful, in the zone, opportunities are constantly showing up left and right, your wishes are coming true, you’re feeling connected and aligned, things seem to work out some how no matter what happens, and there’s a sense of flow in your life.

This is a powerful sign that you’re doing what you should be doing. You’ve paid your dues, struggled and are finally helping others in the way you are supposed to.

6.  Everything is in crisis mode

Everything is falling apart at once and just when you thought life couldn’t get any worse, it does. Your auto breaks down, your roof begins to leak, you lose your job, your child gets into a fight, your partner leaves you, or someone close to you dies.

It’s possible that nothing in your life has ever been as bad as it is right now. It might be an opportunity to learn and grow. This terrible situation can often be an invitation to learn how to let go and detach oneself from the world of form. It’s a chance to come alive.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to look at and reconsider how we’ve been living our lives, identify what needs to be altered, and start fresh in a way that is congruent with who we truly are.

Life may be attempting to nudge you in a new direction when your flight gets delayed, your interview is postponed, or you become unwell.

These occurrences are generally beyond our control, so fighting or resisting it is not advised. Accepting it and taking it as a sign is the best approach. The universe may be performing damage control in order to position you on the correct road. It might also be a indication that your energy is low vibrational, causing these set-backs, therefore you.

7.  Objects

Through things like when you discover something you’ve been searching for, items falling off shelves or out of cabinets, or any object that stimulates a memory, gives support to a new concept you have, or serves as an answer to a question, the universe may communicate with you.

Someone gives you a book on financial freedom just as you’re thinking about getting out of debt. Alternatively, you take a walk in the woods and notice a stray baby toy on the ground. A picture of your sister who you haven’t talked to in years is discovered by chance or an unexpected book drops from a shelf at the bookstore. These are ways you’re being communicated to, it’s up to you to pay attention.

8.  Random thoughts intrude

You could have a sudden idea spring into your head. This might be a random notion, a solution to an issue, or anything else that makes you feel inspired. Pay careful attention to this and see what it has to say for you.

For example, if you have a random thought such as “I wonder how my friend from high school is doing,” chances are that you should call your friend and offer your love and support right now.

9.  Gut feelings in your heart of hearts

A clear sign or indication from the universe, the cosmos is if you feel like “this is correct” or “something is wrong,” if “everything about me wants to do this,” or anything else along those lines.

This is a wonderful time for you to get in touch with your inner truth because many people are experiencing the same feelings. When you hear or read something that strongly resonates with you but you don’t know why, it feels correct and true, that is your inner truth being awakened.

It’s important not to mistake the ego for our physical body. When we allow ourselves to accept responsibility and take hold of our beliefs, then we can begin to experience growth. This requires that we first recognize who or what is speaking through us; it might be a god, nature, a higher self, angelic assistance, intuition or even our real selves.

10.  Songs

Have you ever had a random song enter your mind, or a particular song play on the radio? Have you ever seen someone else singing a song as they walk by? Or do you hear someone sing as they pass by? If you hear a song and feel an immediate connection to it, consider researching it further.

Pay attention to the actual lyrics that you hear, as they may contain a message for you. If it’s a song that you know well like your wedding march or one that reminds you of a trip, or one that you liked in high school, consider the meaning of the sign from this perspective.

11. Concerns that exist in your body

The world may be trying to tell you something is wrong in a variety of ways: physical discomfort, symptoms, illnesses, and diseases. Your lifestyle and habits might be causing pain in your back because you sit too much. This could be an indication that you need to modify your routine and become more active.

However, physical problems can also have spiritual origins. You may get a rash as a result of “itching to escape” from a situation or relationship that you don’t like being in.

It’s a good idea to look into both physical and mental causes of a certain problem in order to figure out what’s really causing it. When you fix the emotional aspect, the bodily issue frequently disappears on its own.

12.  Technology not working

Perhaps your internet goes down, there’s no service or Wi-Fi, you can’t send texts, your computer shuts off, your movie won’t load, or your TV isn’t working. Different people will read these indications in different ways.

If you have no service and wish to send an email, it may be the universe’s way of telling you that now isn’t the time to work and that you should appreciate life. Maybe it’s a sign that you shouldn’t send your text message or that you should reconsider or rewrite what you wrote. If your TV breaks down, it might be


There are many weird and fascinating ways in which you’re given daily signs and signals on how best to proceed in your life. Signs when you’re doing what you should be doing as well as signs when things need to change.

By Alisha Taylor

Hey everyone! I started Zen2D as a place dedicated to spreading love, peace and kindness through conscious raising content. Love is what connects and binds us.