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If you’ve been noticing the number of your birthday appearing everywhere, it’s not just your imagination.

It turns out that there are actually 5 reasons why this might be happening! Find out what they are below so you can see if any of them apply to you.

Coming up birthday? Wondering why you are seeing that day over and over again? You may have a psychic message from your guides, telling you how unique and valuable you are.

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Reason 1

If you’re feeling in any way uncertain about why you are here or doubt your journey, this is a message from your angels to get out of that frame of thought that because you currently perhaps may deems your life as unimportant.

It can be hard to stop this negative self-talk and negative thoughts because we’re so used to it. It’s time for you to step into your power and acknowledge what you are truly capable of achieving.

You are unique, worthy, and valuable – these qualities make you human. You deserve the same kind of love as anyone else. Remember, the devil never interrupts those who are doing evil. As such, seeing your birthday numbers is a reminder to to focus and keep going.

I know it’s difficult to snap out of this mindset if you’re experiencing it, and sometimes that makes things in life seem like they’re impossible. But you need to stop and take time to focus on what is really possible for yourself long term.

Reason 2

The second reason that you may be seeing your birthday repeatedly is because your spirit guides are telling you to not try and blend in, it’s okay to not want the same things as everyone else or to want to follow a path laid out for you.

No one wants to be the only person like themselves, but it is important to work on your strengths and weaknesses and accept what make you special. For many people, the numbers that are specific to their birthdays repeat during periods of time where they may feel estranged from their authentic selves.

You did everything you were told to do and find yourself unhappy. That’s because joy and satisfaction out of life comes from finding the courage to do things that are difficult that may go against the wishes of your friends and loved ones.

The need to be right and the need to fit in to more with others who have different tastes is unnecessary. As long as you live authentically for yourself, it doesn’t matter what other people think about you or how often your birthday repeats itself.

Reason 3

Reason 3 is simple, focus on your purpose. Purpose is where you’re engage in what you’re doing. Where the time flies and you’re fully present. In a nutshell, my purpose is to live in peace and harmony so that I can spread love.

Rather than focusing on finding some other characteristic of myself, I should focus on the purpose that I already know: To live a happy life in peace and harmony while spreading love to others.

I want to be a good mother, sister, wife and friend to everyone that I know. Writing and sharing my thoughts are also my purpose aside from being a loving sister, wife and mother.

I hope to help people to think about their truth and to find out who they really are (to be great) so that we all have more than one purpose.

There’s a lot of reasons why we’re here and when you stop focusing on finding that one reason then that one purpose that is like oh this is the big purpose, this is it. Stop focusing on what you don’t know about how to live.

Focus on your purpose instead off of worrying about what you’re supposed to be doing. Everything will all fall into place in enough time.

Reason 4

One reason you may be seeing the numbers of your birthdate repeatedly is because your spiritual alignment is moving towards a lifetime goal that you’ve been working toward. You’re close to completing a goal or you have completed it.

There are patterns within life that repeat and repeat. Small habits and behaviors make a bit change either positive or negative, those negative patterns and habits sometimes need to be broken for new opportunities and blessings.

We all must embrace change so we can grow into better versions of ourselves and manifest our highest potentials. When seeing your birthday numbers, reflect and think to yourself if you have made any significant personal changes in the past year? Did you cut out friends who were holding you back? Leave a job that you disliked?

Reason 5

The fifth reason you may be seeing your birthday numbers repeatedly is because it is a message to remember who you are. Start with the future in mind and consider what it would look like if it was something of your design and then go create that vision for yourself, planting seeds today so they can take root tomorrow.

Numerology offers a more in-depth understanding of your birthday number.

The numerology of your birthday number is a crucial part of understanding who you are. It can predict what kind of personality traits you have, how much discipline and patience you possess, as well as the likelihood that you will be successful in life. 

Numbers have a power over us that is just like how water can trickle down hill uncontrollably. To learn your number, you first apply numerology to it.

Once you start seeing your birthday repeatedly, it can indicate that the universe is trying to tell you something. You should observe and study your life path numbers if this starts happening.

Seeing your birthday numbers conclusion

The numbers of your birthday are repeating for a reason. They may be telling you to embrace change or remember who you are. Embrace the patterns in life that need to be broken in order to create the future you want today or to stay the course of the path you’re on.

Seeing your birthday repeatedly is a sign that you should listen to what your intuition tells you and work on clearing out negative energies. You can help others more than you realize as you move into alignment towards a major life goal.

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