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A kundalini awakening is the dormant energy in your body and spirit being released through Kundalini yoga.

A Kundalini awakening leads to various positive traits like a deeper empathy for others, psycic abilities, greater sensitivtity and increased creativity.

It’s a transformational event. Unnerving to experience for the first time. It’s a type of spiral energy that flows from the base of your spine up your chakara.

Some claim to experience bliss, other mention how it in addition to a blissful feeling it can also be a purifying feeling as well. Which can be associated with temporary discomfort and pain.

How to know if you’re having a Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is believed to be a type of energy found at the base of your spine and is associate with devine femine power. It starts at the root chakara and ascend to the peneal gland. Here are some ways to know if you’ve had a Kundalini awakening:

Synchronicities start to happen

Events in your life start working out. The people you meet are the right person at the right time. Positive things begin to flow into your life with ease like money, healthy relationships and opportunities to improve yourself.

Empathy and love solidify

Love in an unselfish way as well as empathy take hold and strengthen in quite uncomfortable ways. Uncomfortable because you start to deeply empathize with with the beauty that is found int he world as well as the underlying tragedy and pain that is built into existence.

You start to deeply associate with both feelings of joy and sadness. Move to tears of joy as well tears for the horrors that people go through.

Massive life changes can result

Relationships can end, jobs can be lost, life can be turned upside down from a Kundalindi awakening. You begin to have an emotional confrontation with a painful past.

This causes anger and sadness but it’s also what allows you to let go of a past you and to stop reliving terrible events. Your ego, you begin to realize has been keeping you to do what is “safe.”

But safe is not safe. Safe is risky you will come to see as to ignore what your higher self desires will simply lead you to have everything bad about life an nothing good.

Intense feeling of energy

From a physical stand point, you’ll start to experience a weird sensation of energy up your spine.

It’s a very intense, euphoric feeling that is almost overwhelming and uncomfortable.

You may also start to wake up in the night as your mind races through and cleanses painful experiences.

Kundalindi Awakening Stages

There are no particular stages to having an awakening. To be honest it’s more like awakened vs unawakened.

A kundalini awakening can be triggered by an extremely powerful event like a near death experience or it can develop of the years. In this instance the stages would be:

  • Unawakened
  • Awakening process
  • Awakened

The latter is typically the most common and it obtained through significant lifestyle change with a focus on better living and increased interest in positivity and spirituality.

Various physical, emotional and mental phenomena may be experience during an awakening process. All of which are quite uncomfortable.

Spasms, visions, spontaneous healing, insomnia, strange inexplicable pain, painful memories surging out of no-where and psychic experiences.

This process is slow burning. Much akin to a volcano getting ready to explode. The actual awakening of Kundalini itself is a whole different order than the experience of energy rising.

It’s as if your entire body has becomed possessed by a loving god. A feeling of being surrounded by an luminous energy that is also healing and intelligent.

How to have a Kundalini awakening

A Kundalini awakening is no small thing so be careful for what you wish.

The most common way to experience this sort of energetic transformation is through Kundalindi yoga.

Most of you reading this won’t experience a kundalini awakening. But some through dedication and years of practice through yoga and deep mediation could have an onset:

I was in a very deep, relaxed state in meditation when suddenly I felt like two conflicting halves of myself were reconciled. My heart began pounding like I’ve never experienced before or since, like my chest was a gaping hollow cavity with a pounding motor inside, and there was a sudden upward rush of energy through my body and up out the top of my head.

I felt on the verge of an unbearable, absolutely shattering ecstasy. I’ve described it to people as feeling like I was about to be dissolved into the sun or completely obliterated somehow. I was unwilling to let this happen and broke off my meditation as the energy was being sucked out of my head. I felt very ill immediately afterwards.

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Kundalini Awakening Conclusion

A kundalini awakening is no small thing. Through proper meditation, yoga and years of dedicated practice you could have such a radical and overwhelming transformation.

Be careful what you seek however as for many it is a life changing event where you become more empathetic and things radically change in your life. Any process of change is not without pain and destruction of the old so the new can step in.

By Alisha Taylor

Hey everyone! I started Zen2D as a place dedicated to spreading love, peace and kindness through conscious raising content. Love is what connects and binds us.