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7 Chakras: Easy Practical Steps for Meditation, Law of Attraction and More!

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The word “chakra” is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. The chakras are energy centers that lie along the spine, running from the base of your back to the top of your head.

When these 7 major chakras are in balance you can tap into their collective power for meditation, law of attraction, crystals, energy healing and more:

  • Root Chakra (Muladhara)
  • Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana)
  • Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)
  • Heart Chakra (Anahata)
  • Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)
  • Third-Eye Chakra (Ajna)
  • Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

The Root Chakra (Muladhara) is located at the base of your spine and is linked to our inner security. When this chakra ia out of balance, we may feel insecure about ourselves or not grounded in reality – disconnected from what’s happening around us.

The colors associated with root are red and brown, so some ways you can work on balancing this chakra include grounding yourself by taking slow deep breaths as well as meditating on a picture that makes you feel safe.

The Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) powers our creativity and sexuality. It gets its energy from the Earth, making it important for those who spend too much time indoors.

The Ultimate Guide to Chakras

Hey everyone! Alisha here, in this post from Zen2D we decided we want to break down and share everything I know about chakras. Let’s get to it.

We are going to show you some ways that we can recharge ourselves during the day and make us feel more confident, energized, intentional about our life.

Basically these are a set of 7 invisible energy centers in our body.

Whether you’re an expert on chakras or if this is your first time seeing them, you’ll get something out of this blog post.

1) The purpose of a chakra is to run energy through our bodies.

2) Each chakra corresponds with an emotion, which explains why it’s important to know what your chakras are doing. To check in on your seven major chakras.

3) First locate where the emotional center for whatever emotion is represented by that specific chakra would be (ex: if you’re feeling anger or frustration, make sure your root chakra isn’t imbalanced because this will help fix these emotions).

4) If you notice something out of balance (simple enough).

5) Talk to someone who knows about healing and ask them how they can help.

Balancing all 7 chakras

Your chakras are essential for a number of reasons. Not only will it create balance, but these you 7 will notice benefits in every area of your life like meditation and crystals important. Chakras are often thrown out of balance, even if only one is off you’ll experience frustration.

It can be difficult to understand what a chakras is, but think of them like an engine for a car. If one piece in the engine isn’t working right then it’s taking work away from the other parts and the car may have problems running.

All these parts together form a vital system like a car engine and like everything else in our bodies, in our lives in that when they are out of balance and not all aligned, it can throw the whole thing off.

One of my mentors said something really incredible to me.

I mentioned that there were seven main chakra centers, but depending on who you go to, some people will tell you that there can be as many as 32 micro ones all around the body.

The macro and micro chakras are not important, though.

what is important is the seven. How many colors are in the rainbow? Seven. You’re probably reading this and thinking like that’s not really mind-blowing Alisha. Well here’s what it actually implies.

The light sound bridge

In the world of sonic vibrations, each note is given a color and every interval given a name. All of these have their own individual frequencies and will produce colors when vibrating at the speed of light. Multiplying them by that same number you would get what? Red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo or violet.

I love synchronicities in life and this is one of them. Chakra meditation techniques are one of the best ways to use your energy.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how cool it would be if everyone understood these concepts and could harness their power for whatever they want.

Starting at the bottom will make more sense, because as you know, without a strong root system – there’s really no point in building on top of that foundation. The seventh chakra is all about balance.

The first three vertebrae in your spine are the root of survival.

These chakras correspond to basic needs like water, safety and shelter, as well as hunger, thirst and fear. Whatever threatens your survival is down in the root chakra, which is where it’s most affected.

If you know anything about Abraham Maslow, one of the fathers of positive psychology, he had a hierarchy of needs that is very similar to a chakra system, just more western and people accept it because these can be a little to “woo woo” and esoteric.

But at the bottom of his list is survival, needs that when unmet will bring down your entire life. These needs are what matter most and from these you cannot ascend if they’re not met in time.

When your chakras are balanced, you can meditate assured that you’re going to have a lot of peace with your future and feel grounded. Most of us in first world countries don’t worry about this too much.

We all face life’s obstacles which can threaten our overall balance. If it becomes unbalanced you’ll be working with an overactive chakra or chakras (usually greed) that are obsessed with material possessions for the wrong reasons, so if you want to make money there’s nothing wrong with that. You can be rich you can be spiritual at the same.

Good people with money solve problems

money is spiritual and it is valid to think of it as an energy but if you are primarily identified with the material then you are greedy at all costs, you’re simply hoarding.

For what it’s worth, there are crystals which will improve the function of balancing so it’s worth mentioning that (if you believe in or not). There is also sound therapy with different frequencies that you can listen to like I mentioned about lights earlier and sound bridges on the topic of music, as well very important ones are for example brightness + waves at various speeds and frequency measured against something called dark background.

Checking in and identifying where your problems are

When you step your bare feet on the grass you get negative ions which help remove positive charged particles from inside your body. This is very beneficial because it removes toxins and heavy metals from the individual.

The sacral chakra

It’s associated with sexual energy and your sexuality, passion, joy positive association with a healthy sex life. It’s important to find balance with this chakra because there can be times with too much emphasis on sex or sexual energy

An imbalance can be either not enough for too much. So low libido or an overactive can be an imbalance in this chakra another sign. Being unbalanced conversely is if you have a lot of shame or guilt around sex or if you watch porn and it doesn’t make you feel good.

I’m not telling you what to do you can do. Whatever you want to do as we’re all functioning adults. I don’t care what you do in the bedroom and to each their own; but just check in there if you are watching a lot of porn that’s going to disrupt this sacral chakra.

Next up we got your solar plexus chakra

Your solar plexus are associated with the emotions of wisdom, so think about what your gut tells you. Your gut is related to your digestion and all these other great things. Tap into that inner wisdom by trusting your instinct or intuition.

I was reading this book about how powerful fear is when you listen to it at your gut and it mentions accounts of women who, in the story, open their door for a stranger coming into the apartment building and they’re like “this doesn’t seem right.”

There’s something fishy about this dude in the elevator and I don’t want to go with him. However, out of politeness and so does not offend people we pretend that it doesn’t matter as he is polite enough to be courteous.

But then when we are alone together, he turns out to be a serial killer! As soon as you have a chance, you run across the room and hide from him. But there is no escape!

Gut Instincts

You have a gut-brain connection that allows you to use your intuition effectively when it comes to everyday life.

There are also hormones in your gut. Hormones are the feel-good kind that you produce naturally. The happy hormone serotonin is most commonly known for this, but it’s not produced in your brain–it’s actually created by our body as needed when we eat protein and vegetables.

When your solar plexus is balanced that chakra is going to make you feel great about yourself if it’s out of balance then you’re likely more apt to judge people. You may feel anxious and off-center, as if you don’t belong.

This feeling of disconnect is likely happening in the solar plexus chakra, which deals with your feelings of security and belonging to a group.

You can focus on being kinder to yourself by talking back when thoughts are judging or telling you what will happen, instead choosing “this is how it is.”

How to realign

Deep breathing diaphragmatic breathing so where your belly comes out and it goes back in is required.

I personally suggest watching some videos by Wim Hoff and learning how to properly do 3 sets of breath work.

Heart chakra

Although the heart chakra is not in the middle of your chest, it is important to understand its location because it plays an important role.

Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s used to say:

“When you’re green, you’re still growing.”

When we grow and are at our best, we get ripe with potential. Like an apple on a tree. When it gets overripe it starts to turn rotten. You don’t want to have anything in your life that isn’t always looking for ways to improve their value.”

The heart is a major chakras and its function is to regulate all emotions. Signs of emotional imbalance can be checked by looking for signs of love for oneself, that being a good sign that the heart chakra is balanced.

Good sign you’re in balance when your heart chakra is strong. Some issues might be: if there are intense daddy issues or relationship problems, it could be the result of blocked energy.

The three kinds of relationships are dependence, codependence, and interdependence.

Dependence is when one person needs the other for security. Codependence is when one person thinks that they need to fix a problem or failure in their partner’s life constantly.

Interdependence means being able to take care of your own problems without depending on someone else for assistance all the time.

The other person’s like you’re smothering me codependency. Interdependence where you’re both self-full enough that you come together and you become three instead of just two (you, the other person and the relationship). That’s stronger and that’s the reason you’re coming together in the first place. You compliment each other.

The throat chakra

This one is it’s coming from your throat or your voice box, so its use is communication, because you’re using your voice. also another thing to point out is all chakra have specific purposes.

When you feel your expression is good and you are speaking up for yourself, then it shows that your chakra is balanced.

if you feel like you are keeping secrets, can’t speak up, or can’t express yourself to a certain person at work

If you’re someone who is a good communicator, one challenge can feel like it has more importance than it actually does which leads to talking too much.

We find ourselves stuck in an unhealthy pattern of only hearing our own voice and not being able to be silent for long periods of time anymore- this might mean that we need balance.

Try these exercises: take a 20 minute walk without any noise including music or anything on your phone; put all electronics aside.

There’s two extremes silence and violence

When people are faced with a situation where stakes are high, opinions vary, and the outcome matters- they tend to go to one extreme or another. You see this a lot in politics when people discuss on the internet.

When people feel attacked with their beliefs they feel attacked until they respond with violence. Silence is the other opposite this is where we tend to withdraw and don’t say anything.

I have a really hard time expressing myself when I’m in, like, a serious conversation. It’s hard for me to talk because I’m scared of saying the wrong thing, and then I might get lost in my thoughts.

So if you have either of those that comes back to the throat chakra. But most of the time if it goes back to speaking your truth and feeling like you can voice your opinions and that you matter.

Third eye chakra

The third eye is located between the eyes. If you can connect with your higher self or you feel like you’re getting guidance from your higher self, then this chakra is balanced.

When you’re unwilling to commit and it’s difficult for you to make decisions or when your thoughts go in a million different directions, your third eye chakra is fighting internally.

I’ve found there to be many different ideas floating around my head and I feel like it’s more of an authentic expression of myself here on because this is coming from a place that can’t even be described with words.

So, one thing I want to give is the idea that you are already enough without needing anything else given to you because you have everything within yourself and there’s nothing lacking.

The crown chakra

Last and certainly not least, you have your crown chakra. It’s violet and it’s located about two inches above the top of your head on the back half of your skull. You’ll notice angels depicted in artwork with a halo over their head.

Don’t forget to note that when Jesus is shown, he wears a crown even though it doesn’t typically appear as elaborate or ornate as crafted metal jewelry would be.

Spirits- Beings that are enlightened require more focus in order to be seen due to their light emitting from the head.

This is also associated with crown chakra and spirituality, which is why spirits may only appear as a halo surrounding the individual’s head.

Life is not a zero sum game. You can be happier when you make other people happy. It’s not for someone to win means someone else has to lose.

We all win together, whether or not other people are struggling. When others do well it benefits us as a whole consciousness on the planet.

When you’re disconnected from this, you experience intense loneliness. If you feel like it’s a lonely planet and that I am a lone wolf, then know that earth is a lonely place. If you feel isolated or alone because of this, well – that’s because you’re not connected to the global consciousness one point.

I want to illustrate now that we have these chakras up here, remember at the beginning of post I gave you this light sound bridge, I gave the engine analogy. One other analogy that Osho says in his writings there’s seven cycles here okay and as you get older these start to develop we have a seven year cycle that we go through.

We’re essentially reborn and what’s crazy and i get goosebumps is that if you look at cellular biology your cells are always turning over. They’re going through autophagy, they’re catalyzing themselves and then the new ones pop up well.

Biologist say that about every seven years your entire body has essentially replenished itself.

All your cells have made you into a new being. Although it sounds farfetched, the notion that our chakras help us survive by allowing for constant growth is actually very true. Every seven years we go through a stage from age zero to seven.

Typical sexagesimal system increments are based on powers of sixty, each one denoting a doubling counting up from 1-60 and then repeating itself over again at 61 (think 60 minutes in an hour or 60 seconds in a minute). So after 3 rounds of 7 years per decade since birth, you find yourself at year 45 with another round looming around the corner taking you all the way to 54.

You’re focused on survival whether it be your livelihood or natural abilities when faced with external threats and limitations imposed on your life.

That’s why you see wise elders. I love that seven year cycle that correlates to the chakras and the patterns of life. It’s really beautiful and seems to be built into existence.

7 chakra conclusion

We know you’ve probably heard about chakras before, but hopefully you understand each of the 7 better now. Each one represents a different part of the body and is associated with certain emotions, about how these energy centers work and what they mean for your health.

You can use this information to find ways to better manage stress or create habits that promote wellness in all aspects of your life! Be patient with yourself and give your self-care routine enough time before giving up too soon. When we are able to find joy in our lives again, everything else falls into place much more.

By Alisha Taylor

Hey everyone! I started Zen2D as a place dedicated to spreading love, peace and kindness through conscious raising content. Love is what connects and binds us.