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9 Surprising Beliefs that Lower Your Vibration

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We all want to live a life with as high of a vibration as possible. But surprisingly, there are some beliefs that can actually lower our vibration and keep us from reaching our full potential. Let’s explore nine of these surprising belief and how to let them go so you can start living your best life.

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Common beliefs that lower your vibration

If you’re looking to raise your vibration and live a more fulfilling life, it’s important to understand where your current state of mind is at. One way to do this is by assessing how many low vibrating thoughts and beliefs are occupying our consciousness on a daily basis.

While many people know the basics of raising their vibration – such as eating nutritious foods and meditating – there might be certain underlying beliefs we weren’t aware of that could be having an impact on our vibration levels:

The belief that you’re not good enough

Such sentiments of self-doubt often plague many of us, and this belief that we are simply not good enough can be debilitating. We may feel that the best imaginable future for us is out of reach due to our own perceived inadequacies. However, it is important to remember that these feelings are almost certainly unfounded and destructive.

While moments of self-critique can be useful in developing growth-mindsets and recognizing strengths, continuously dwelling on what one lacks in comparison to others will do nothing but tear away at our self-confidence.

Instead, focusing on the things that make us unique and which we can take pride in is a far more effective approach. Above all else, being kind to ourselves and going easy on ourselves is paramount!

The belief that you don’t deserve love or happiness

It’s a sad truth that some people believe they don’t deserve love or happiness. This untrue and unfounded belief can stem from a variety of different sources, such as past trauma, insecurity, or shortfalls experienced in life. It’s important to remember that everyone is deserving of compassion, kindness and joy in life.

One way to address this issue is recognize the negative thoughts for what they are, simply unhelpful interpretations of the world and to learn to respond differently. Gratitude can be enormously powerful in shifting perspective, particularly when feeling cynical about worthiness or pessimistic about one’s ability to achieve any measure of happiness.

Opening oneself up to self-love and getting help from a professional, if needed, is an empowering course of action that can counter these destructive beliefs and pave the way for healthy relationships and moments of happiness.

The belief that you’re not worthy of success

The belief that we are not worthy of success is something that can cripple us from achieving our goals and dreams. The feeling of imposter syndrome, which we can feel when thinking about security in our accomplishments, may come along with this belief and only serves as another obstacle on our path to victory.

We must work hard to unlearn these harmful thoughts and combat them with self-love and resilience in order to reach success. Overriding these beliefs takes courage, determination, discipline and a desire to believe in ourselves, but the rewards of doing so are invaluable.

Our worthiness should be an unshakable truth within us, allowing us to unlock our full potential without hesitation or fear.

The belief that you’re not capable of change

The greatest risk of believing that you’re not capable of change lies in the potential of missing out on an opportunity to expand and grow as a person. Ignoring the possibility of change can lead to stagnation, both in thought and behavior.

Regrettably, some may miss out on the beauty of learning how to adapt to new ideas or different approaches, stunting their own development. Refusing to be open-minded could keep someone from making beneficial changes or adopting beneficial habits, leaving them feeling aimless and unfulfilled.

No matter where you are or who you are, it is essential to remember that transformation is always possible though it may involve work, effort and time. So never deny yourself the chance to improve your life.

The belief that your past defines your future

The belief that your past defines your future can be a powerful motivator or a source of fear and anxiety. Our experiences form the foundation from which we build our future. Being aware of this is important, as it allows us to take ownership of our lives and create our own paths forward. We can draw upon the wisdom of past mistakes to chart our growth and use fresh perspectives to look for unique opportunities.

We should embrace our past experiences, whether positive or negative, for they are part of who we are and shape how we approach the future. By making informed decisions, setting ambitious goals, and taking control over our destiny, we can achieve great things without being bound by the constraints of our previous selves.

The belief that you have to suffer to be spiritual

The idea that spirituality must be accompanied by suffering is misguided. Though hardship certainly can shape and add to spiritual life, it isn’t necessary for a comprehensive spiritual experience. There are countless examples of people who have cultivated a deep-rooted connection with the divine despite having had little struggle in their lives.

Spirituality, in its essence, is about connecting with something greater than ourselves and discovering our own truth. Suffering does not make us more enlightened or holier, but rather how we revere the beauty in life and find an understanding of purpose within it is integral to any meaningful sense of spirituality.

The belief that you will never have enough money

The belief “I will never have enough money” is a limiting belief because it suggests that there is a scarcity of money and that it is not possible for the individual to attain financial abundance.

This belief can stem from a variety of sources, such as past experiences of financial hardship or a lack of understanding about how to manage money. This limiting belief can also be perpetuated by societal messages and cultural norms that suggest that money is scarce and hard to come by.

On a spiritual level, this belief can lower an individual’s vibration because it creates feelings of lack, fear, and scarcity, which can lead to negative thoughts and behaviors such as hoarding, overspending, and not taking action towards financial goals.

This limiting belief can also create a self-fulfilling prophecy where an individual’s thoughts and actions are aligned with the belief that they will never have enough money.

The belief you have bad luck or are cursed

“This only happens to me” is something we’ve all said to ourselves. Why only me? It’s not only you because I’ve felt this way too.

This perception can be destructive to one’s energy as it breeds a mindset of powerlessness, pessimism, and the feeling of being wronged. This thought-pattern may subsequently lead to disheartening behavior such as letting go of ambitions, avoiding action, or even indulging in self-pity. Moreover this limiting belief creates its own truth by subconsciously guiding someone’s thoughts and actions according to their ‘bad luck’.

The good news is that one can reprogram their subconscious mind to recognize the value of taking action, feeling empowered, and believing in themselves. With this positive mindset, a person can break free from their limiting beliefs and become open to new opportunities. This empowering attitude helps them accept challenges and take risks which they would have otherwise avoided due to fear. Furthermore, an optimistic outlook lead to higher levels of happiness, inner peace and contentment with life.

Therefore it’s important for us all to remember that our thoughts are powerful tools which we can use to shape our destiny. By letting go of any negative perceptions about ourselves and the world around us, we can generate more energy for taking action and living a fulfilling life.

The limiting belief of comparing yourself to others

The limiting belief of comparing oneself with others is a belief that suggests that one’s self-worth and value is determined by how they measure up to others. This belief can manifest in thoughts such as, “I am not as successful as my peers,” “I am not as attractive as my friends,” or “I am not as good as others in this field.”

We all have feelings of inadequacy when we look at the people around us and their accomplishments. This comparison can be a huge source of discontentment in our lives, leading us to place unrealistic expectations on ourselves and the future. However, what if I told you that by recognizing and addressing this toxic habit of self-comparison, you can empower yourself with a sense of clarity and purpose?

On a spiritual level, it’s important to remember that we are all connected and that each person has their own unique talents and gifts to contribute to the world. By focusing on one’s own journey and growth, and by embracing and valuing one’s own uniqueness, we can tap into a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

To overcome this limiting belief, it’s important to remind oneself that each person’s journey is unique and that comparison is the thief of joy. Instead of comparing oneself with others, focus on one’s own progress and growth. Recognize and appreciate one’s own strengths and accomplishments, and strive to be the best version of oneself.

Remember that, we all have our own path to follow and it is important to focus on our own journey. So develop an appreciation for your own unique story is the key to lasting fulfillment.

How to Overcome – Conclusion

To overcome any limiting belief, it’s important to identify the root cause of the belief, and challenge it with positive affirmations, visualization, and taking action towards achieving clear and specific goals.

To conclude, it is time for you to shift your mindset and break free from the chains of your lower-vibrational thoughts. You are worthy of abundance, love, and joy. Remember that your beliefs become your reality, so choose wisely. As always, if you need help making this happen, please reach out to me or another qualified professional who can assist you in reaching a higher vibration.

By Alisha Taylor

Hey everyone! I started Zen2D as a place dedicated to spreading love, peace and kindness through conscious raising content. Love is what connects and binds us.