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You’re seeing 555 in the most strange of places. What is the meaning of 555?

555 views on YouTube, $5.55 in change, 555 on a license plate. 555 is an angel number. What that means is that your spirit guides or angels as some like to call them are reaching out to you in approval.

555 primarily means big changes

When you start seeing 555 you can know that positive changes are coming your way. This is not to imply that these changes won’t be without difficulty or struggle.

In fact, with any amount of massive personal growth and significant change there is almost always some sort of difficulty. But 555 is an indication that what you’re doing, what you’re thinking is correct.

555 means your angels are supporting you

You’re on the right path rest assured. Often, when making decisions we’re not always so sure if the course of action we want to take is correct or not.

Seeing an angel number like 555 is an indication that what you intend to do or are thinking of doing is the right course of action.

Again, this does not mean that it will be easy it just means that it’s the right thing for you and the long term results will put you in a place to where you’re closer to being your higher self.

Engery clearing – life clearing work

When you start seeing angel numbers everywhere it is an indication to also engage in some energy clearing work.

This means to focus on your personal health, your surroundings and to cut ties with people and places that no longer serve you.

555 deeper meaning

The deeper meaning of 555 is that you’re moving closer to your higher self. Your higher self is the ideal you, the you who has a greater level of potential and who is in alignment with light and love.

When angel numbers appear in your life it’s to time to pay attention to what thoughts, feelings and actions are consuming most of your thoughts and attention.

It’s these thoughts, these vibrations your spirit guides are responding to and trying to indicate to you is the correct course of action.

555 meaning for love

555 is not typically associated with love directly so asking what the meaning of 555 is for love is missing the point.

555 primarily is an indication that a major change that will enable you to grow as a person and become more aligned with your higher self.

This change is contingent upon your actions and 555 is a sort of nudge in one particular direction.

Sometimes this does involve a person or relationship if that is what is currently missing or required while on your path through life.

555 is simply a compass, an indication of what direction to go in.

How to receive guidance from your angels

Ask. You don’t need anything more complicated than to ask. Ask your angels for guidance. If could be something as clear and specific as “should I do XYZ” and then if the next numbers you see are 555 you have your answer. Yes.

One thing to note though is to be clear with how you want your angels to answer you. They can communicate through visions and dreams. But for less psychic among us it’s best to make it a specific way of communication which is why angel numbers are so commonly seen

555 Meaning Conclusion

So that is it for the meaning of 555. A major life change is potentially going to happen depending on what you decided to do. This major change will result in long term personal growth to help you become a better version of yourself as a way to improve your life and the lives of others.

By Alisha Taylor

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