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Your spirit guides attempt to contact you in numerous way throughout your journey. Seeing repeated items, synchronicities to strange to just leave to chance and of course numbers are simply a form of communication.

Often time these numbers or synchronicities are just a way the universe let’s you know you’re on the correct path. That whatever decision you made is the correct one and you should continue forward. You can even use this as a way to ask for help.

When unsure if you should do A or B you can simply ask your spirit guides for help. If the next numbers I see are “double numbers” I’ll do A.

Why am I seeing 111 1:11 Everywhere?

111 in particular is a unique meaning when compared to just seeing 11:11 or 4444 or any other sort of pair. 111 is a call to maintain your mental garden. To create and maintain positive thoughts.

You’ll typically start seeing 111 when you’re thoughts in the previous week or months were starting to stray to much into worry, fear and anxiety.

All natural and normal responses to the difficulties of life, but 111 starts to appear when your thoughts drift too much and those negative thoughts start impacting your life and decisions in the wrong way.

Let’s cover the following meanings for 111:

  • What should you do when you see 111
  • Why 111 is bad luck for some
  • The meaning of angel number 111 when it comes to love
  • 111 vs 11:11
  • Different 111 Meanings

What should you do when you see 111

111 is a call to maintain positive thoughts. You need to become more open to the gifts the universe is creating for you and to not get bogged down with those pesky negative thoughts.

111 is in your life because you need to become in alignment for the gifts that await you in the future. 111 is a type of spiritual awakening, an awakening of where you’re going to being a process of change. Typically for the better but no change comes difficulty free.

In order to become worthy and ready, 111 beacons that you must do a better job of maintaining positive thoughts. To help maintain positive thoughts we suggest you start incorporating a few things into your daily routine.

Create a gratitude journal

A gratitude journal is simply a lovely little notebook that you keep and refer to for positivity on a regular basis. The great thing about a gratitude journal as it relates to the meaning of 111 is that you write the gratitude journal.

Too often, we focus and amplify on the bad things that happen to us. But what about the good things? The little things that go our way each day? When someone does something nice for you. Even if it’s just a small thing, or when a strange goes out of their way to help you?

It’s these little pleasant events that you jot down in a gratitude journal. Over time you’ll have an amazing little book filled with positive events that happened to you that you probably forgot about.

Practice mindful eating

Mindful eating is to slow down and enjoy food you consume using your various senses. Instead of just eating because you’re hungry, stop to appreciate the flavors, textures and smells of food.

Also, appreciate what you have. Be thankful for the food you’re able to eat. This practice of mindful eating is a small thing, but it will help teach you how to be present in the moment instead of getting lost in thought.

Take your positive thoughts and visualize what you will achieve

Visualization and maintaining positive thoughts are essential when you start seeing 111. Your goal is to take those positive thoughts and your ability to stay present in the moment and to visualize what it is you want.

Visualize you achieving what it is you desire. Be clear and specific on this and then think about the kind of actions and behaviors a person would need to incorporate into their being in order to meet what you are visualizing.

Why 111 is bad luck for some

111 is an angel number, specifically your spirit guides are trying to communicate to you to become mentally and physically prepared for the positive future that is awaiting you but can not manifest because you’re negative thoughts have too much sway.

11 is not bad luck at all, it just means “hey get your thoughts in order and focus on what you want” because good things can line up for you once you become a person ready to receive what the universe has in store.

If you’re seeing 111 it simply means that your current state is out of alignment with the good things the universe wants to give you. The real question is what do you do. For that, it’s a case by case basis about what actions you should be taking.

We covered various ways to maintain positive thoughts but also take note that 111 is a call for action and not just positive thinking.

111 and what it means for love

111 is not specifically related to love but if a positive, happy relationship is lined up for you seeing 111 is an indication that you’re not quite ready to meet someone the universe wants you to meet.

Simply maintain positive thoughts, have a clear focused goal of what it is you want and more importantly than anything, keep taking positive actions.

If you’re already in a relationship however, 111 is often an indication that your current relationship may not be the best relationship it can be or perhaps it may indicate that your current relationship is simply not healthy and needs to be improved so you can move forward.

111 vs 11:11

111 is a specific number and not to be confused with 11:11. While someone may think they have the same inherent meaning, the two numbers are starkly different.

As we already mentioned, 111 is a call to maintain positive thoughts in order to act in a way to put you in alignment with the various positive gifts the universe has lined up for you. The meaning of 111 is that good things are on their way, you in your current state are simple not ready to receive yet.

11:11 is actually different. 11:11 is simply a way for your spirit guides or the universe at large to indicate to you that you’re on the right path. That whatever it is you’re currently thinking or doing or wanting to do is in fact what you should be doing.

111 Meanings Explained

111 has broad indication but there are numerous specific meanings that should be considered on an individual basis.

111 Means you’re ready to leave the past in the past

111 is a primary indication that your thoughts have been to negative and that your living in the past while conversely you’re at a point in your journey where you need to leave the past behind.

As already mentioned, start a gratititude journal as a way to tend to the garden that is your mind. Negative thoughts are like weeds. They appear with no effort. To nurture and grow positive thoughts make it a daily habit to keep a gratitude journal of all the little positive things that happen in your day to day life.

Then refer back to this journal.

111 also can mean you’re ready to make an impact

111 has a meaning that it’s time for you to step up an achieve that greater responsibility in your life. But your current actions and behavior as just making it so you’re not quite ready.

Often 111 is simply to remind you that the past is the past. Your previous experience while negative, serve to help form you into that interesting and dynamic person you are today. 111 may mean it is time for you to step up and make that difference you were mean’t to make.

111 can indicate you’re ready to take advantage of opportunities

It’s a positive sign when you see 111 all over the place. Opportunities are on the horizon. It’s your responsibility to your future self to make sure you’re in the situation to be a happy and confident person who is willing to to say yes to things as they present themselves.

This of course will take work and these opportunities may not come in the form you’re expecting but when you start seeing 111 start planning on how you can improve your mindset as well as how you can get ready to take advantage of the positive things coming your way.

111 implies that you need to adjust your energetic vibration

111 as we already covered tends to occur because positive events are lined up for you to experience. But your current mindset, thoughts and energetic vibration is simply. Instead, develop a positive disposition and adjust your energetic vibration.

111 in the Bible

The angel number of 111 in the Bible is simply a representation of the holy trinity. The father, son and holy spirit.

111 Angel Number Meaning and Conclusion

The 111 angel number is a good sign for your life. Make sure to develop a happy and positive disposition. We strongly suggest developing the habit of journaling. In particular, a gratitude journal.

It’s this small thing that helps you mange those negative thoughts that appear without effort and instead replace them with positive thoughts.

By Alisha Taylor

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