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Our purpose driven life

Zen2D is dedicated to spreading love, peace and kindness through conscious raising content. Love is what connects and binds us.

Hi everyone, my name is Alisha Taylor. Welcome to Zen2D! I just want to thank you for being here and hope you get value out of our work here. It’s a passion project of the heart 🙂

The purpose of Zen2D began when, like so many others I started having strange coincides.

So much so it got my attention. Like constantly seeing 2:44, 3:55, 8:22 every time he looked at a clock. Noticing being the same exact amount of change short every single time.

Thinking of someone and then they contact you randomly or someone you know brings them up.

This lead me down the proverbial rabbit hole: Numerology, spirit guides, life in between lives and the deeper complexity to being alive. Anyways, we hope you enjoy the website, content and products. Thanks for being here!


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